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Life Cycle Assessment Interest Group
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To join the life cycle assessment (LCA) community at SETAC, please join the interest groups (IGs) in North America and Europe. You can join through updating your SETAC profile or directly from the Europe or North America LCA IG page:

Please navigate to the North America and Europe LCA IG homepage using the buttons below:

LCA Europe LCA North America

The Europe and North America LCA IGs function as standalone IGs and organize and conduct LCA activities within their respective geographies although membership is not restricted to members of that geographic unit. Global LCA coordination at SETAC is organized by the LCA Global Coordinating Group (GCG). The GCG was formed in 2011 as a mechanism for communication between the regional IGs in Europe and North America and to allow the other Geographic Units to have representation in global SETAC LCA affairs.

Members of the GCG include the chair and co-chair of the Europe and North America LCA IG Steering Committees, at-large members from the other three SETAC Geographic Units, and ex-officio members from SETAC governance and staff. However, a regional IG may determine that other representation is more suitable or effective and inform the LCA-GCG moderator of the basis of such a decision. At-large members shall be nominated by the regional IG representatives to the LCA-GCG and approved by simple majority. In the event of a tie, the SETAC Global Executive Director shall cast a tie breaking vote. GCG members will serve a maximum of three-year terms or as dictated by the term limits specified by their regional IG.

Current members of the GCG are:

Member Name Title/Representation Sector
Olivier Jolliet Moderator Academia
Heinz Stichnothe
Cécile Bessou
Co-chair/SE LCA IG
David Meyer Chair/SNA LCA IG Government
Andrew Henderson
Co-chair/SNA LCA IG Academia
Cassia Maria Lie Ugaya (at-large) SETAC Latin America Academia
Open (at-large) SETAC Latin America
Phillippa Notten (at-large) SETAC Africa Business
Tim Grant (at-large) SETAC Asia/Pacific Business
Wang Hongtao (at-large) SETAC Asia/Pacific Academia
 Masaharu Motoshita  Japan  
Bart Bosveld
SETAC-Europe Ex officio
Greg Schiefer SETAC-North America Ex officio
Roel Evens SETAC-Europe Staff
Tamar Schlekat SETAC Staff