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SETAC North America Public Outreach Committee
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The Public Outreach Committee (POC) was established to be the clearinghouse for SETAC North America outreach. The POC reviews prospective public pronouncements from SETAC North America and its subsidiary groups while fully addressing the respective interests and concerns of SETAC’s tripartite membership.

Science Communication Outlets

SETAC provides many opportunities for science outreach. We’ve summarized a few venues below based on type of audience:

Science Outreach to the Scientific Community

Science Outreach to the General Public

  • Reddit Ask Me Anything Events: These events offer SETACers an interactive experience answering science questions from the public. Sign up to answer questions at the next AMA at the annual meeting!
  • Public Science Forums (e.g., Science Cafe, Science Pub-Night, Science Town Hall): The SETAC North America Board is planning to conduct a public forum event at the annual meeting. Further, regional chapters are encouraged to conduct those types of events to engage with the public and provide opportunities for of fellowship and learning.
  • SETAC North America POC Initiatives: The POC has initiated several sub-committees to help SETACers engage with the public through authoring policy statements, technical issues papers (TIPs), and through finding opportunities to engage in K–12 education.
  • Engage with the SETAC science partners: SETAC was founded in 1979 with the assistance of the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS); AIBS headquarters housed SETAC’s first office. AIBS has many outreach resources on their Public Policy web page.
  • IEAM Blog
  • IEAM Podcasts
    Short interviews give the story behind the science.

POC Organization

The POC has recently organized several subcommittees that tackle specific issues:

  • Technical Issue Papers (TIPs) Subcommittee: Identifies the needs for specific TIPs and initiates the process to develop them. Subcommittee Leader: Dani Ivey.
  • Policy Statements Subcommittee: Prepares policy statements on various environmental topics of interest. Subcommittee Leader: Paul Sibley.
  • K-12 Science Education Subcommittee: Subcommittee Leader: Dani Ivey.
    Resources for this subcommittee include:
  • Science Communication Subcommittee: Facilitates training on science communication to non-scientist (e.g., news media, legislators and the public in general). Subcommittee Leader: Stuart Cohen.
  • Dialogue Group on TSCA Reform: The sub-committee was instrumental in advising some regulatory bodies on the science behind chemical management. The group met with regulators to offer advice and developed two issues papers, available in the forum, to help inform them. 
    • The Role of the Weight of Evidence in Environmental Hazard Assessment
    • Ecological Risk Assessment of Chemicals: An Integration of Hazard and Exposure
    Subcommittee Leader: Stuart Cohen

Interested in volunteering for this committee? Contact Co-Chairs Stuart Cohen, Greg Pyle or Paul Sibley.

Already a member of the North America Public Outreach Committee? Visit the group page.